• Please feel free to ask about my rates and fees during our initial telephone conversation.

Payment Method

  • Payments are due at the time services are rendered. I accept cash, checks, FSA/HSA accounts and Paypal.

A Note About Insurance 

  • The benefit of not using your insurance is that your psychotherapy treatment is fully your own and completely confidential.  The type and length of therapy will be determined by you and me with no restrictions or interference from your insurance company. In addition, a mental health diagnosis will not have to be added to your permanent health records or insurance records and cannot be accessed without your expressed and written permission to do so.


  • Please ask me about certain insurances.  NEW CLIENTS:  Please call your insurance company so that they may verify your insurance and coverage.  This must be done prior to your first appointment in order for me to see you on the day of your appointment.  If you haven't verified your insurance, unsure if you have met your deductible, then you will be charged the full service rate until your insurance is verified.