The unconfessed is the unhealed

Lee Ann Payne

Individual counseling is just that.  One-on-one with your therapist in a safe and comfortable office environment where you can discuss and explore your emotions, thoughts, relationships, stressors or anything that is of importance for you to share.

Individual counseling is a good way to start your journey towards change.


Being in love and being loved requires risk. You have to take the risk or you may never know the pleasure of love.

Pamela M. Barnett

Marriage and couples counseling is not always an easy process.  Oftentimes, there are strong, conflicting emotions regarding each other and the status of the relationship.  However, I applaud those who do seek assistance.  It is not always easy to see the same old communication patterns, interactions and behaviors ourselves without an objective third party person to give constructive feedback.

In marriage and couples counseling, I utilize a psycho-dynamic approach and use multiple techniques to find what may best work with each couple.  I will teach you to understand your conflict, how to fight fair, improve communication styles, address sexual dysfunction and lack of intimacy issues and any other concerns by using active and interactive techniques such as homework, learning about your unconscious choices, discovering your love language, and basic communication techniques.


The "D" Word

The process of divorce can be an extremely stressful time, perhaps one of the most emotional and distressing times that a person can go through.  However, divorce does not always have to be adversarial particularly when children are involved.

Having a therapist through the divorce process can be very helpful on your journey to a new life full of unknowns.  I help clients to understand that divorce can be a grieving process and very painful.   I help you to understand that you and your ex can have an amicable relationship and will work with enough effort and investment by both parties.  I will teach you to understand the benefit of co-parenting as a unit, setting healthy "divorce" boundaries, assisting your children with the changes and raw emotions of divorce, help you to understand your children; their expectations and behaviors.

Again, divorce does not always have to be hurt feelings and harsh words.  Give divorce counseling a try for a better understanding on how to heal and move forward in your new life.

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